July 16, 2018 11:58 am

My name is Boaz Reisel and first off; thank you so much for visiting my website.

I have been incredibly fortunate to travel to different places, always with a camera in hand. But just taking a 'shot' is a tiny part of the real picture. Since moving back to Amsterdam mid-2018 I have committed myself to a 'learning journey' of how to best to 'tell a story'. Although I am new to the this field, I am eager to learn and collaborate with those of who work to pushbthe world in the right direction.

As a kickoff I completed a 'Visual Storytelling - Masterclass' by the amazing Emin Özmen at MAGNUM Photos in Paris last March and have since committed myself to finding stories that need to be told. 

 I am eagerly looking forward to collaborations with organisations, NGO's, journalists, documentary photo -and film makers and whomever I feel i can learn from.

For more info please contact me here.

25th of March 2018 a collaboration with Advocaid Sierra Leone was published by Al Jazeera.